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Family-Owned and Operated Since 1932


In 1932, a practical artist named Paul Quass began to turn his dream into a reality called Westside Upholstering. Initially, he worked in his Indianapolis garage at 3349 West 16th Street.

The garage was a big one, which was a good thing because Paul Quass quickly became known for quality reupholstering of all kinds of furniture. As Westside became an Indianapolis household name, Richard Sullivan and Ruby Steinburger joined the father-and-son team of Paul and his son, Donald R. “D.R.” Quass.

Going Commercial
Don R. left the area to go to school and to start his family, but he never left reupholstering, working in various shops and settings until 1971 when he returned to Indianapolis to rejoin his father and to add commercial work to Westside’s residential business. D.R. took over Westside Upholstering when Paul officially retired in 1973. But Paul stayed very much a part of the Westside scene, lending his wisdom and experience to all aspects of the business until his passing in 1988.

In 1978, Westside Upholstering became a three-generation operation with the entrance of Don R.’s son, Donald Paul “D.P.” Quass. Westside added carpeting, painting, wall covering, and custom built furniture to its upholstering services. In 1980, the company moved to its present location 3136 West 16th Street. In 1982, Westside bought out its biggest competitor, Shelby Upholstering, from Cliff and Roberta Pittman who stayed with Shelby/Westside until they retired. As Shelby Upholstering and Interiors, the company serves residences, businesses, and churches throughout Indiana.

Through all the Shelby growth, though, the firm remains the Quass family business. Our customers still find a strong, unwavering personal attention to themselves and their needs that goes back to 1932 when Paul Quass first began practicing his craft - artistry that is bestowed upon everything from the smallest family heirloom to the largest hotel lobby.

The two Mr. Quasses live and work by the standards of quality set forth by that first Mr. Quass, more than 80 years ago.



Our regular hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. At Shelby Upholstering and Interiors, appointments and consultations outside regular hours are available by request. Telephone today at 317-631-8911.